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The Love Of A King

Do you know King Edward? This story is his story; his history. He was born in 1894.His father was cold man and his mother too. She thought a child must be silent and strong. Edward and his family lived in Buckingham Palace. There are 600 rooms 8 kittens 19 bathrooms 24 toilets 11 dining rooms 17 bed rooms and 21 sitting rooms. What's a big palace. It took a long time to bring their dinner.

Edward spent many days alone he never played with other children and he didn't have any friends. I think he was lonely and sad. Even if he lived large palace and took high quality education he was not happy. Rich is no matter. I think friends are more important.

He went to fight in the First World War. He talked with other people. It was very interesting for him. He didn't understand why countries fight. He saw India Argentina Nigeria Mexico New Zealand Germany and Japan. Edward is different the other princes. He gets out of his car and walks down the street. He stops and speaks with the crowd. He laughs and smiles.

In the autumn of 1930 he met Mrs. Wallis. It was very big happen for him.
She was beautiful. She didn't lie to him. She said frankly regardless of he was prince. He laughed and liked that. Wallis married a man when she was twenty. But one day he lost some money and he was very angry. He begun drink and hit Wallis in the mouth. So She couldn't bear and decided to divorce. After then she married another man. But Edward begun loving her and she was too. She decided to divorce her husband. Her husband forgive her and said"I'll never stop loving you. And if you need me I 'll always be here."

However Edward couldn't marry easily because he is a King now! A king is never alone. Everyone knows his face... Wallis had married two times. Everyone didn't agree she gets marry with Edward. She is not suitable for King's wife. As long as he is King He can not marry her. He decided to leave all this for Wallis. He given the crown to his brother and run from England. He is not a King. He is just a man in love.

Özet 2


The story talked about a King called Edward and a woman called Wallis. They are the main characters.
Edward met a pretty woman called Wallis he fell in love with her but she was married with a man called Winfield but she divorced him because he was an aggressive man.
Wallis got married with Ernest a very interesting man.
After his father died Wallis went with him to the cementary. Wallis wrote Ernest that she wanted a divorce.
Edward was happy because he wanted to marry with her.
People thought that falling in love with her was a crime because she was not a Queen or a Princess.
The story impacted all people of the world.
Edward and Wallis got married but his mother did not want that.
Edward and Wallis lived in Paris. They were together for a lot time.

Özet 3

The Love of KING

"The love of KING" was written by Peter Dainty. Needless to say this is the story about love. I'd never read such as love story before. I think the story is very famous and wonderful story.
There are two main characters in this story. One of the main characters is Edward Vill King of Britain India Australia and thirty-nine countries. The other is Mrs Wallis Simpson who has a husband. One day Edward and Mrs Willis met when he was staying with his friends in a house. Edward'd been interested in Mrs Waillis since he talked with her for the first time becouse she was the only one told a truth to him. After that he visited Mrs Waillis's flat almost every day. At last they fell in love each other and Mr Waillis got a divorce from her husband. Edward wanted to get married to her but his family didn't allow it becouse she had divorce.
However he couldn't give up this love. Finally he decided to give the crown to his brother so he chose the love. Edward married Waillis six months later and they changed their name- Duke and Duchess of Windsor. They loved each other but they couldn't go back to Britain untill they died.

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