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For many years

wars have been in the world. War is very natural thing for humanity.Although nowadays the meaning of the war is changing

the importance of war is the same.Two major causes can be identifed.These causes are economic and political benefits of countries.


economic benefits lead government to start a war. To get resources in the world is the most important one of economic gains. These countries want to get more natural sources such as mineral resources

water or soil. Also they wish to get industrial resources.The most significant one is petroleum . Hanson indicates in his article -THE SECRET:Oil Crunch is Coming- that Muslim countries stress economies of Western countries because Muslim nations have 60 percent of the sources of petroleum and they have 95 percent of oil market on the world. (2002) Financial resources and manpower are very important such as China which has perfect manpower. Geopolitical positions of nations are other economic gains. Trade ways and strategical points such as bosporuses and Cyprus are opportunity to get money.


political gains are other important causes of war.Some nations can start war to get their freedom such as Turkish Independence War.Causes about religion lead governments to involve in wars. In addition

some people want to get control of holy areas. For example

pope arranged the Crusades to get Jerusalem. Also

people can use wars to spread their religion. Ambition to be the dominant power in the world is another reason such as USA.Economic and political benefits result in war whose effects are economic depression and health problems.

One of the biggest effects of war is economic depression. War expenses are very high.As Brouwer explains

the biggest financial cost of the First World War is for Germany

with 37.775.000.000 Dollars

second one is Great Britain with 35.334.012.000 Dollars lost. (2001) Wars result in poor economic conditions for people.Wars come out education problems because of economic problems

so people can not get opportunity to obtain new information easily. Lack of investment and production occur because of war.


another important result of war is health problem.By end of war there are a lot of deaths.Aspointed out in the chart -WAR DEATS per Century-

there were 2 million deaths because of war in 1500s

in 1600s

the number of deaths increase to 6 million.In 1700s

the number of deaths remained the same .From 1700s to 1900s

there are sharp increased in the number of deaths.(1995) In addition

wars result in illness and also cause epidemic.By end of the wars there were a lot of woundeds.

In conclusion

wars cause economic depression

health problem. Although people know harms of the war

they will involve in wars.Peace should be in the world instead of wars .

Advantages of Steel Bridges

Thesis: Steel bridges are the most popular construction types because of their useful features such as being environmentally-friendly and economical as well as offering high quality of material.

I. Environmentally-friendly

A. Usefulness and appearance of steel bridges for the environment

1. Portable and recyclable steel bridges

2. Beautiful and aesthetic steel bridges by using less energy

B. Steel bridges specific attributes to the environment

1. Weathering steel bridges

2. Longer span

II. Economical

A. Manufacturing cost

1. Decreased weight

2. Prestressed steel bridges

B. Long term benefits

1. Life cycle cost

2. Modification and repair

III. High quality of material

A. High quality features in building process

1. Off-site fabrication

2. Speed of erection

B. High quality features in usage

1. Strength

2. Light weight

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