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İngilizce Ünlü Tanıtımı

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Ebru Gündeş.
- Born on 12.10.1974 in Istanbul. She went to primary school in Ankara. Moving to Istanbul with her family afterwards Ebru Gündeş had to discontinue her education due to financial impossibility. - The quality of her voice was discovered at her early ages. One of their relatives took Ebru Gündeş and her mother Müjgan Kumartaşlıoğlu to Neşe Demirkat a partner of Raks Neşe Müzik then at the stage of foundation. Fascinated as she listened and expressing her desire to introduce this magnificent voice to Turkish people Neşe Demirkat delivered Ebru Gündeş into the hands of the well-known producer Koral Sarıtaş and of Selçuk Tekay. - Koral Sarıtaş asked Ebru Gündeş to sing behind Emel Sayın so that she could have stage experience. Gündeş sang behind Sayın for a month and had her first stage experience. - Afterwards her debut album “Tanrı Misafiri” was released in 1994. For those who listened to this song first introduced by Ajda Pekkan by Ebru Gündeş’ voice and technique it was not difficult to embrace her. People who then thought “what a strong voice from such a small body” admired her more and more every day. - Proving her permanence in the music industry with her debut Ebru Gündeş sold 1.250.000 albums. - Gündeş suddenly fell like a bomb on Turkey whose success was riveted with her second album “Tatlı Bela”. - Her third album “Ben Daha Büyümedim” was another success following her previous albums. - Her fourth album was titled “Kurtlar Sofrası”. - Fifth was titled “Sen Allah’ın Bir Lütfusun”. - Her sixth album “Dön Ne Olur” is among the top sellers these days. - During the introduction of “Dön Ne Olur” to the press Ebru Gündeş had a serious sickness. She was hospitalized on December 1 1999 upon the diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage and had 2 heavy operations. She was discharged from hospital on December 16 1999. - In her seventh album in 2001 AHDIM OLSUN Ebru Gündeş worked with the best lyricists composers and arrangers of Turkey again placing herself in the agenda of the music markets with the quality and circulation of the album. - In 2003 she released the album titled ŞAHANE. Gündeş reached her previous success and sales figures with her eighth album rightfully proud of this outcome. - And now Gündeş has returned with her latest album BİZE DE BU YAKIŞIR stating that she is living the most productive days of her career and working with all her might.

Oktay sinanoğlu

Sinanoğlu was born in 1935 in Bari Italy where his father served as a consul general. The family returned to Turaaa at the start of World War II in 1939. In 1953 he attended TED Yenişehir Lisesi high school in Ankara and after graduating won a scholarship for education of chemistry in the United States. In 1956 he graduated from the University of California Berkeley in chemical engineering with the highest rank. In only eight months he graduated from MIT in 1957 with the highest degree. In two years he finished his doctorate at UC Berkeley. In 1960 Sinanoğlu started working as associate professor at Yale University. He theorized the "Many-Electron Theory of Atoms and Molecules" in 1962 by solving a mathematical theorem that had been unsolved for 50 years.[2] The same year he earned the Alfred P. Sloan prize. He was appointed aaaa professor in 1961. He got his second life-long chair in Yale in Molecular Biology.

Sinanoğlu was the first to earn the Alexander von Humboldt's Science Prize in 1973. In 1975 he won the award of Japan's International Outstanding Scientist. In the 1980s he theorized a new method from 180 theories concerning mathematics and physics considered revolutionary which enables chemists to predict the ways in which chemicals combine in the laboratory and to solve other complex problems in chemistry using simple pictures and periodic tables. Also he took his place in the Academy of Arts & Sciences. In 1993 he moved to Turaaa to teach at the Yıldız Teknik Universitesi and officially retired at the age of 67. Yet his scientific researches have not ceased.

He received several international and local awards concerning his scientific and social contributions and efforts. He has been to many places including Asia and Latin America. He tried to establish strong communications between Japan India and Turaaa. Because of his efforts he was given the title "Special Emissary" of Japan-Turaaa. He worked for better education purified language in Turaaa most of his life and strived to form a conscious generation.

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İngilizce Ünlü Tanıtımı

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