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Standart Huckleberry Fin kitap özeti

Huckleberry Fin Özeti

Huck Finn a boy of about 12 years is the son of the town drunk. Widow Douglas adopts him so that she can civilize him and raise him to be a gentleman. Huck dislikes the regular staid ways of the widow. Although she is kind and attentive he is uncomfortable and feels stifled at her house. He does not like going to school attending church or wearing neat clothes. Neither does he like being tutored at home by Miss Watson. When he is no longer able to put up with the Widow’s ways he runs away; but Huck is found by Tom Sawyer who convinces him to come back.

Huck and Tom have earlier found a hidden treasure which they are allowed to keep for themselves. Huck’s father comes to know of his son’s prosperity and returns to St. Petersburg. He wants to take away Huck’s money for he feels that it is rightfully his. He tries to catch Huck a number of times but the clever boy always eludes him. One day the father waits for him catches him and takes him away after a short brawl. He locks Huck in a cabin in the woods three miles down the river and regularly beats him.

A couple of months pass. When the beatings get unbearable Huck decides to run away from the cabin. He plans escape and waits for an opportunity. He saws off a piece of the back wall escapes through the hole and leaves traces of pig blood to deceive his father into thinking that he is dead. He takes the canoe and goes to Jackson’s Island where he spends three idyllic days. He meets Jim the Widow’s slave on one of his explorations of the island. Jim has run away from the widow when he overhears her intention of selling him down the river for eight hundred dollars.

Huck wants to know the reaction of the people to his disappearance. He dresses up like a girl and goes to the mainland. He learns from Judith Loftus a newcomer in the village that the people are convinced that Jim has killed Huck since he had escaped the same day that Huck disappeared. Upset by the revelation Huck rushes back to the island and tells Jim. The two of them board a raft and head down the river to New Orleans.

On one of their stops at a small town Huck is caught in a feud between the Grangerfords and the Shephardsons; the feud has apparently gone on for over thirty years. He successfully escapes from them only to find that two con men have come on their raft. The Duke and the Dauphin fool people out of money at every stop they make; they always manage to get away just in the nick of time. When Huck thinks that he has finally gotten rid of the pair he discovers that Jim has been sold by the Duke and Dauphin to Silas Phelps for forty dollars.

Huck in an attempt to rescue Jim makes his way to the Phelps farm. To his joy he discovers that Mrs. Phelps is Tom’s aunt and she is expecting Tom to come visiting anytime. She mistakes Huck to be Tom and welcomes him. Meanwhile Tom also comes to the Phelps farm but Huck meets him and narrates all that has happened. He tells him that Jim is being held a prisoner by Mr. Phelps and he intends to rescue him. Tom immediately jumps at the opportunity of having some excitement. All that they have to do is steal the keys and free Jim but Tom sets up an elaborate plan for adventure.

In the process of freeing Jim Tom gets injured and falls sick. Later on Huck realizes that Jim was a free man all the while for Widow Douglas had set him free in her will. He also comes to know that Aunt Sally is thinking of adopting him so that she can civilize him further. He runs away to the west so he can be “free”.

Huckleberry Fin kitap özeti

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Huckleberry Fin Karakter Analizi

Huck Finn

From the beginning of the novel Twain makes it clear that Huck is a boy who comes from the lowest levels of white society. His father is a drunk and a ruffian who disappears for months on end. Huck himself is dirty and frequently homeless. Although the Widow Douglas attempts to “reform” Huck he resists her attempts and maintains his independent ways. The community has failed to protect him from his father and though the Widow finally gives Huck some of the schooling and religious training that he had missed he has not been indoctrinated with social values in the same way a middle-class boy like Tom Sawyer has been. Huck's distance from mainstream society makes him skeptical of the world around him and the ideas it passes on to him.

Huck's instinctual distrust and his experiences as he travels down the river force him to question the things society has taught him. According to the law Jim is Miss Watson's property but according to Huck's sense of logic and fairness it seems “right” to help Jim. Huck's natural intelligence and his willingness to think through a situation on its own merits lead him to some conclusions that are correct in their context but that would shock white society. For example Huck discovers when he and Jim meet a group of slave-hunters that telling a lie is sometimes the right course of action.Because Huck is a child the world seems new to him. Everything he encounters is an occasion for thought. Because of his background however he does more than just apply the rules that he has been taught—he creates his own rules. Yet Huck is not some kind of independent moral genius. He must still struggle with some of the preconceptions about blacks that society has ingrained in him and at the end of the novel he shows himself all too willing to follow Tom Sawyer's lead. But even these failures are part of what makes Huck appealing and sympathetic. He is only a boy after all and therefore fallible. Imperfect as he is Huck represents what anyone is capable of becoming: a thinking feeling human being rather than a mere cog in the machine of society.


Jim Huck's companion as he travels down the river is a man of remarkable intelligence and compassion. At first glance Jim seems to be superstitious to the point of idiocy but a careful reading of the time that Huck and Jim spend on Jackson's Island reveals that Jim's superstitions conceal a deep knowledge of the natural world and represent an alternate form of “truth” or intelligence. Moreover Jim has one of the few healthy functioning families in the novel. Although he has been separated from his wife and children he misses them terribly and it is only the thought of a permanent separation from them that motivates his criminal act of running away from Miss Watson. On the river Jim becomes a surrogate father as well as a friend to Huck taking care of him without being intrusive or smothering. He cooks for the boy and shelters him from some of the worst horrors that they encounter including the sight of Pap's corpse and for a time the news of his father's passing.

Some readers have criticized Jim as being too passive but it is important to remember that he remains at the mercy of every other character in this novel including even the poor thirteen-year-old Huck as the letter that Huck nearly sends to Miss Watson demonstrates. Like Huck Jim is realistic about his situation and must find ways of accomplishing his goals without incurring the wrath of those who could turn him in. In this position he is seldom able to act boldly or speak his mind. Nonetheless despite these restrictions and constant fear Jim consistently acts as a noble human being and a loyal friend. In fact Jim could be described as the only real adult in the novel and the only one who provides a positive respectable example for Huck to follow.

Tom Sawyer

Tom is the same age as Huck and his best friend. Whereas Huck's birth and upbringing have left him in poverty and on the margins of society Tom has been raised in relative comfort. As a result his beliefs are an unfortunate combination of what he has learned from the adults around him and the fanciful notions he has gleaned from reading romance and adventure novels. Tom believes in sticking strictly to “rules” most of which have more to do with style than with morality or anyone's welfare. Tom is thus the perfect foil for Huck: his rigid adherence to rules and precepts contrasts with Huck's tendency to question authority and think for himself.

Although Tom's escapades are often funny they also show just how disturbingly and unthinkingly cruel society can be. Tom knows all along that Miss Watson has died and that Jim is now a free man yet he is willing to allow Jim to remain a captive while he entertains himself with fantastic escape plans. Tom's plotting tortures not only Jim but Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas as well. In the end although he is just a boy like Huck and is appealing in his zest for adventure and his unconscious wittiness Tom embodies what a young well-to-do white man is raised to become in the society of his time: self-centered with dominion over all

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