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Standart Anne of Green Gables Karakter Özellikleri

Anne of Green Gables Karakter Özellikleri - Anne of Green Gables Kişi Tahlilleri

Main Characters:

Anne Shirley:

She is an orphan girl; her both parents died of a fever when she was only three months old. She had lived with fosterfamilies and in asylums ever since mostly to look after the youngens. She has always been a dreamer and she fantasizes emaginary friends in windows and reads romantic books when she should be cooking or housekeeping. When mrs. Hammonds husband dies of a heartattach she is being put in a asylum again. Then Marilla and Mathew adopt her and she will be staying at Green Gables on Prince Edward Island. Anne always uses big words words that don’t suit a little girl like her. With her red braids and her freckled face she exclaimes she can never be perfectly happy. Anne has a mind of her own not to mention her tounque. She has a temper she can heardly control in times of trial. And her emagination is sometimes getting the best of her. But she steels the heart of everyone in Avonlea though even if not everyone is able to admit that!

Mathew Cutbert:

He is a shy but lovely man. He has a heart of gold. He never got married ‘he never could marry a woman without speaking to her’. Anne loves him at first sight and he loves Anne back with the same passion. He and his sister may not always agree on the way Anne is being brought up by her he lets her do the raising and every now and then he spoiles Anne a little bit. There is no evil in that man.

Marilla Cutbert:

She is a strict and righious woman. She knows what she want and she knows what she stands for. Dicipline and order are the basis for her life. She loves Anne and Mathew but her role won’t alou her to show them. She is unable to show her love for the people around her. Sometimes mostly on Mathews behalf she bends a little and softends. Anne looks a lot more like her then she would admit. She has a little to none emagination but Anne knows to see through that and in the end it wasn’t Anne who needed them but they needed Anne.

Rachel Lynde:

She is the kind of neighbour you wouldn’t want to live nextdoor to. She keeps an eye on everybody and keeps putting her oar in. She mangels into other peoples buisness and she is a woman known for speaking her mind. Anne who has the habbit of getting into trouble gets into a lot of scrapes with mrs. Lynde. Mrs Lynde is lovable and married to mr. Thomas Lynde a very kind and gentile man. She can’t be missed in the story.

Diana Barry:

She is Anne’s bousemfriend from the first day she met till the day her mom won’t ler het speak to her anymore over a misunderstanding. They do everything together and they dramatize their lifes a great deal. Diana might nog be as bright as Anne she is even more loved by her. She has ravenblack curly hair she has a beautiful taint and she has more skin on her bones then Anne.

Gilbert Blythe:

He loves Anne dearly but he messed up in one of the first days in school when he called her carrots to get her attention and Anne broke her slate over his head she wouldn’t speak to him ever since. He is a handsome young man and he can have every girl he wants. He is smart and elegant. But Anne is to humiliated by him to have anything to do with him anymore still he continues loving her and trying to make up for it.

Other characters: Charlie Sloane Ruby Gillis Mrs. Barry Mr. Barry Ms Barry Prissy Andrews Jane Andrews Josie Pye and others.

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Anne Shirley - An imaginative red-headed orphan who comes to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert siblings

Marilla Cuthbert - A crisp practical no-nonsense woman who doesn't approve of Anne's wild imagination although she does grow to love the orphan. Her sense of humor develops greatly upon Anne's arrival and Mrs. Lynde states that she became "mellow".

Matthew Cuthbert - Marilla's brother a shy awkward man who takes a liking to Anne from the start. The two become fast friends but he dies in the end.

Diana Barry - A bosom friend of Anne Anne's kindred spirit. Anne and Diana become best friends from the moment they meet. She is the only little girl who lives close to Green Gables. While Anne does not think Diana is very imaginative Diana is noted for being pretty merry and very amiable.

Gilbert Blythe - Anne's enemy from the beginning for pulling her hair and calling her "Carrots". Even though Gilbert apologizes shortly after the incident Anne remains scornful toward him for a few years but Gilbert never abandons his quest for her friendship as he is in love with her. Anne forgives Gilbert by the end of the book and the two become friends - and eventually marry (an event which takes place a few books later in the Anne series).

Rachel Lynde - A neighbor of Matthew and Marilla and the nosiest person in town. Although she did not take a liking to Anne in the beginning she soon warms to the freckled faced orphan. She is incredibly industrious helpful and loves doing work for the church her husband follows her orders.

Miss Stacy - Anne's new teacher. Miss Stacy is truly a mentor to Anne. Miss Stacy worked hard to be accepted by Avonlea as her teaching methods were new and she was a "woman teacher."

Josie Pye - Anne's sometimes friend sometimes rival and classmate. She is vain and generally disliked by the girls of Avonlea like all the other Pyes. Her younger sister is Gertie Pye.

Jane Andrews - One of Anne's friends whom she is very fond of although Diana remains her closest friend. Jane is described as rather staid plain and with very little imagination.

Ruby Gillis - Another one of Anne's friends. Ruby is flirtatious and always discusses beaux. She is portrayed as pretty with long golden hair and an imagination like Anne's. Ruby loves getting the attention of the boys but will eventually die after finding her one true love.

Reverend and Mrs. Allen - The minister and his wife two friends for Anne. Mrs. Allen becomes Anne's hero.

Mr. Philips - Anne's first teacher at Avonlea whom she despised (he spelled Anne's name without an 'E' among other things).

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Anne of Green Gables Karakter Özellikleri

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