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Standart Why Modular Shelving Is the Best "Investment Furniture"

Why Modular Shelving Is the Best "Investment Furniture"

Sofas dining tables chairs: These are the pieces you’ll so often find labeled as "investment furniture" those pricier objects that take center stage in a home and are loved and lived with for a lifetime. They accompany you through new jobs moves and maybe even relationships. Even if it comes time to downsize they aren’t the pieces you shed. But say your space is tiny you live in a city and you really love organization: Enter the modular shelving unit.

Yes high-quality Shelving Rack should be near the top of your “buy this and keep it forever” list. In fact it can be considered the very best investment piece for small spaces or renters—it holds up in the face of heavy you can always break down and reassemble it in a new home (even in a new configuration) and while it’s there to be a keeper-of-things it looks like a design object itself. Plus while you can certainly justify splurging on a modular shelving unit for all the reasons above you don't have to—scroll down to read about our favorite picks at a variety of price points.

Industrial Shelving Storage Units are a critical part of any business who is trying to keep large amounts of inventory organized. Because different companies have different storage requirements many companies choose to use custom industrial shelving.

There are numerous advantages to using custom industrial shelving units. In this article we will take a look at the top ten benefits that custom industrial shelving from BILT Industries provides your business.

Professional engineering

Capacity space and workflow efficiencies are all factors to consider when designing large-scale warehouse custom shelving units. As such it’s essential that you choose to work with a company that has a background in designing custom industrial Shelving Garment Rack systems.

With dozens or hundreds of storage units the warehouse layout design may appear overwhelming but the engineers at BILT Industries are more than capable of handling the job. Our engineers can design a storage solution that will meet the needs of your business and accommodate future expansion.

Maximize space

One of the most significant advantages of custom industrial shelving units is that they are fantastic space savers. Industrial shelving units are specifically designed to assist facilities by making the most out of all available warehouse space but they can also help you save space on your floor.

Because industrial shelves can be stacked on top of one another custom industrial shelving allows you to store more products make the most of the available floor and storage space and ensure that stored products and materials are accessible securely and conveniently.

A shopping Utility Trolley also referred to as a shopping cart shopping basket or carriage is a pushable cart used by customers at a supermarket for carrying groceries to the check-out counter or to their vehicle. The shopping trolley is almost always provided by the store itself. A small handheld shopping basket is an alternative to using a shopping cart particularly in smaller stores or when one only needs to pick up a few things. A shopping trolley provided by a supermarket typically has a large basket attached to four pivoting wheels with a small basket up front for a child to sit in. Some shopping baskets are designed with room for two children or feature a chair for a larger child. Some may even have a small toy car attached to them for kids to ride in while their parents are shopping which keeps kids safe and entertained. Shopping trolleys are usually equipped with belts to strap children in; it is important for children to ride in a cart the proper way because falling out could easily lead to injury.

If you are running a commercial kitchen or school cafeteria utility carts are an essential piece of equipment to have in your lineup. They allow you to transport items from one place to another & can also act as storage units. Simply put the Rolling Cart is the definitive solution for a clutter free workplace. But having the right type of utility cart is an important consideration.

Choosing stainless steel versus plastic can be a tough task when searching for a utility cart. Below we will outline the key benefits & differences of stainless steel & plastic utility carts:

IMC Stainless Steel Utility Carts: Durability is King

IMC Stainless steel utility carts provide the best durability when compared to plastic. This means transporting heavy loads is a breeze.

The sturdiness & higher resistance to chemicals make the carts suitable for active commercial applications.

Stainless steel has excellent rust resistance. This means your cart is sanitary & safe for use with just about any item.

Plastic Utility Carts: A Budgetary Solution

Plastic utility carts are the cheaper solution often costing less than their stainless steel counterparts.

Plastic carts weigh much less than stainless steel utility carts. This means that mobility is slightly better.

They can provide visual appeal to your customers when used in the “front of the house”.

However plastic utility carts simply do not stand up to the day in day out abuse that many commercial environments see. Therefore plastic carts may have to be replaced constantly which will be more expensive in the long run.
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Why Modular Shelving Is the Best "Investment Furniture"

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