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Standart Benefits of LED Vapor Tight Lighting

Benefits of LED Vapor Tight Lighting

Commonly referred to as “wet location” fixtures LED Vapor Tight

Fixtures are sealed and gasketed luminaires that provide general illumination for indoor and outdoor environments where

exposure to water humidity and dust is likely to occur. These luminaires are usually mounted on ceilings soffits walls

or in any other commercial and industrial building or facility where exposure to water or dust (or other elements) is a


As we have discussed in previous posts the way LEDs operate provides inherent advantages over fixtures that utilize

fluorescent lamps. LED wet location fixtures are adaptable to a wide range of wet humid and dusty lighting applications.

This adaptability is a key benefit of enclosed and gasketed LED fixtures.

Often the biggest question when it comes to vapor tight led Weatherproof Light is whether to utilize an LED tube within an existing fixture or to install a new LED vapor

tight fixture. Ultimately that decision is driven by the customer and their expectations and constraints as they pertain to

budget and desired performance. But both are possibilities.

Below we present the three most common benefits of LED vapor tight lighting including energy savings maintenance cost

reduction and improved lighting performance.

Energy Savings

The wattage of a 4 foot LED vapor tight light fixture typically ranges from 12 watts to 55 watts resulting in a 40%-60%

percent reduction in energy consumption over fluorescent vapor tight lighting. The LED fixture wattage range is so dramatic

due to the need to adapt to the many different applications of vapor tight lighting Non Corrosive Fitting. Since it is common for fluorescent wet location fixtures to utilize between

one and four lamps per fixture by using LED vapor tight lights in these applications it is possible to save over $5000 per

year for a building or facility with 100 fluorescent vapor tight fixtures.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

The way LEDs generate light and progress through their functional life results in a much longer operating life compared

to conventional fluorescent light fixtures. Another advantage realized from LED Tri Proof Light is that they are not negatively affected by cycling (turning on and off) so they are more

reliable in scenarios where lighting may be turned on and off frequently. Additionally light emitting diodes function

extremely well in cold environments and would not be subject to the negative effects on product lifetime experienced by

fluorescent lamps in similar applications.

Lighting Performance

As a result of the multi-point design LED Batten Lights often

provide a very evenly distributed light pattern. The result in regards to LED vs fluorescent is a more even foot candle

distribution from the LED conversion. In addition to the even distribution of light LEDs are available in a range of color

temperatures (correlated color temperatures) and as a result provide a range of options to increase the visual perception of

“brightness." This aspect is crucial in manufacturer or food processing facilities where employees need high

performance task lighting and for outdoor retail applications where tenants and companies want to ensure that their products

and branding are clearly visible.

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology offers bright illumination while using a fraction of the electricity used by

incandescent bulbs. You’ve likely been replacing the old bulbs in your light fixtures with LED bulbs over the past few

years. That’s still a good idea but you can also purchase LED ceiling light fixtures that emit light without the need for

standard-size LED bulbs.

The best LED Ceiling Light for your home depends on the

fixture type and what brightness is most suitable for a particular room; for instance kitchens and bathrooms typically

require more intense lighting than family rooms and bedrooms.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best LED Ceiling Light

LED lights offer bright illumination while conserving energy—plus they last approximately 50 times longer than

incandescent bulbs. But before you dig out your credit card you might want to consider the following factors to get the best

one for your needs.
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Benefits of LED Vapor Tight Lighting

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